​The Architecture of Representative Government


About the Author:  Jim Stembridge worked more than a decade as legislative staff (non-partisan committee administrator) in Oregon’s Capitol in Salem.  He has written summaries of several hundred legislative bills.  He did project management, program administration, and public information work for several state agencies, including the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office—writing, editing, and producing more than 100 government publications, including newsletters, reports, and fire safety curricula.   He was an adjunct instructor at he National  Fire Academy (National Emergency Training Center) in Emmitsburg, MD.  He earned a PhD in geography at the University of Oregon.  His interests in photography date from the years  he did coastal hazards research, taught, and prepared illustrations for geography classes at the University of Oregon (Eugene) and East Carolina University (Greenville, NC).  He is the author/editor of Pathfinder: The First Automobile Trip between Newport and Siletz Bay, Oregon, July 1912 (Lincoln County Historical Society, 1975), a collection of historic photographs.  Jim's other interests include bean breeding ("Oregon Wonder Pole Beans") and restoration/renovation of the Língqú 灵渠 Magic Transport Canal , a 2200-year-old transportation canal in central China.  ​(see http://www.lingqumagiccanal.com/) 

He lives with his wife, Joan, in Salem, Oregon.